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Return Policy
Any item may be returned for refund within 7 days of receipt. Item(s) must be returned in original condition.
Return is subject to a 10% withdrawal of value of order as a restock fee. Shipping costs are non-refundable.

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Certificate Service for only use with Thaigemstore gemstone
Free Shipping for all certificate

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Item: 370382916815
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Item: 330434861888
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Item: 220607804558
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Item: 220607804504
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Item: 330434861890
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Item: 370382916886
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Item: 330445275044
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Item: 330445275054
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Item: 220607804389
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Item: 370382916795
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Item: 220607804428
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Item: 220607804539

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SI1; Slightly included 1 SI2; Slightly included 2
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