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EMS : Ship to Europe only $25.00 Insurance included Delivery within 7-15 days.

Combine shipping max of 10 items.
Combine shipping of 10 days period and Maximum of 10 items and not more then 500 Ct. per shipment. No Charge for additional Items shipping fee  in combined shipping.
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Table of Refractive Indexes
Mineral Family Refractive Index
Topaz Mineral Family 1.64/1.63 to 1.62/1.61
Sherry Topaz 1.64/1.63 to 1.62/1.61
Imperial Topaz 1.64/1.63 to 1.62/1.61
Green Topaz 1.64/1.63 to 1.62/1.61
Golden Topaz 1.64/1.63 to 1.62/1.61
Blue Topaz 1.64/1.63 to 1.62/1.61
Garnet Mineral Family 1.73-1.83
Spessartite 1.79-1.81
Spessartine 1.79-1.81
Rhodolite 1.75-1.76
Pyrope 1.73-1.75
Hessonite (Grossular) 1.74
Grossular 1.74
Almandine 1.76-1.83
Diamond Mineral Family 2.41None
Corundum Mineral Family 1.77/1.76
Sapphire 1.77/1.76
Ruby 1.77/1.76
Padparadscha 1.77/1.76
Beryl Mineral Family 1.56/1.57 to 1.59/1.6
Red Beryl 1.56/1.57 to 1.59/1.6
Morganite 1.56/1.57 to 1.59/1.6
Heliodor 1.56/1.57 to 1.59/1.6
Emerald 1.56/1.57 to 1.59/1.6
Aquamarine 1.56/1.57 to 1.59/1.6
Ammonite Mineral Family 1.52-1.68None
Amblygonite Mineral Family 1.612-1.636None
Amber Mineral Family 1.539-1.545None
Actinolite Mineral Family 1.614-1.641None



If you are the winning bidder, you will enter into a legally binding contract to purchase the item. Bidding on this item also constitutes acceptance of the following terms:

-All returned items must be insured by the Registered Mail.

-Please let us know the item(s) and reason you wish to return.

-Refund will be will be given by PayPal with NO charge of restocking fee

-Damaged Items will not be accepted and will be returned to shipper

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